Baiersbronn Online-Magazin – Englisch


Our client Baiersbronn has had enough of superficial tourism marketing, posed images and the same old phrases. They are seeking to go deeper, to capture the identity of a region, with its people, traditions, special features and stories.


We create a concept for a corporate online magazine, commission layout and programming, develop themes, research, conduct interviews and write reports or listicles. Over time a considerable pool of great content emerges, that will be of interest to vacationers and locals alike.

What is the story of Rita and the big logs? Why is Joko Winterscheidt in the kitchen of a 3-star restaurant? How does it feel to stay overnight in the middle of the forest and what makes trout from Germany’s only cold-smoking oven so special?

Our editorial team continues to produce… and the Baiersbronn online magazine becomes the storybook of the region.

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