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Kloster Kitchen is a start-up with a success story (writing his success story) in the ginger shot market. The original ginger shot has sold more than 42 million servings in Germany and is now, thanks to a comprehensive multi-channel strategy, (the) market leader. In addition to food retailers, the popular ginger shots are sold through various channels, including their corporate online shop. To further grow the business and the brand, the company was looking for a suitable ambassador who would bring credibility and expertise, as well as nationwide awareness and media presence.


We went into research, activated our network and inspired celebrity chef and TV host Roland Trettl to endorse the brand. Together with our agency friends from trggr, we developed a communication concept and turned the brand and the testimonial into a real match that attracts attention across all media channels.
Trettl probiert den Ingwershot Classic ©KlosterKitchen


Kloster Kitchen Roland Trettl Ingwer Shot Cranberry
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Starkoch Roland Trettl wird Brand Face von Kloster Kitchen

Kloster Kitchen Ingwer Shot Cranberry
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Kloster Kitchen Roland Trettl Ingwer Shot Cranberry
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