Spyder Event in Engelberg – Englisch


US cult ski brand Spyder wants to reach out to the freeride community with a new collection. To this aim the brand has assembled an impressive team of renowned freeride skiers from the USA to develop highly functional and stylish clothing. In Europe, Spyder needs to rebuild its market and regain credibility in the scene to attract retailers and passionate skiers to the brand.



We develop a concept and recruit the well-known Austrian freeride world champion Lorraine Huber as a testimonial for the brand – and as a figurehead for the German-speaking market. Together with her and Chris Davenport, one of the world’s biggest names in the scene, we planned an unparalleled media event that would bring the most important ski journalists from six European countries and the USA to Engelberg, Switzerland, for a once-in-a-lifetime experience and to test the new collection. With Lorraine and Chris, the journalists will not only have the perfect guides at their side, but also the chance to produce photos, interviews and reports for their magazines on the legendary Titlis round trip with two abseils and an untouched deep-snow descent. Our photographer documents two unforgettable days and produces content that goes around the world – and the new Spyder collection gets enormous attention from the freeride community across Europe in its first year.